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Edward P. Richards

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The Role of New Towns in Louisiana Coastal Retreat – Tulane Environmental Summit, March 2019

Administrative Rulemaking: How science becomes law. (With examples from the WOTUS rule and the Clean Power Plant rule.)” - LSU Coastal and Environmental Science (Feb 11, 2019)

Federalist Society Discussion of the Gopher Frog Case (27 March 2018)

Climate Change Effects on Agriculture, Southeastern Association of Law Schools Annual Conference, Boca Raton, FL August 2017.

From Eternal to Ephemeral Property: Rethinking Legal Rights for Coastal Communities, ASU Sustainability Conference of American Legal Educators, Phoenix, Arizona May 2017

Megaproject Failure: The Louisiana Coastal Restoration Plan. LSU Law School Energy Law Symposium, Baton Rouge, March 30, 2017.

The 2016 Louisiana Flood: A Failure of Risk Perception. Tulane Environmental Summit, New Orleans, 11 March 2017.

Geoengineering: Methods and Risks, Tulane Environmental Summit, New Orleans, 10 March 2017.

Forum on the President's Executive Order on Immigration, LSU Law School, February 2017.

Coastal Triage Establishing Criteria For Sustainable Coastal Development in the Face of Sea Level Rise, AESS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC June 2016.

National Security Impacts of Climate Change, Tulane Environmental Forum, 20 Feb 2016, New Orleans, LA.

Learning from Life Insurance: Lessons for Structuring Insurance for Properties Facing Progressive Climate Risk, Boston College School of Law, November 2015.

Finding the Right Coastal Narrative (for the Future of Louisiana), LSU Faculty Presentation (Sept 2015)

Looking Back to See the Future: How Natural Cycles can Inform Sustainability - The Example of River Deltas, Sustainability Conference of American Legal Educators, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law – Arizona State University (May 8, 2015)

Virtual Guest Lecturer. Using Natural Cycles to Make Better Decisions about Adaptation to Climate Change: The Future of the Louisiana Coast. Mercer Law School, March 2015 – the streaming site

Delta Cycles, Climate Change, and Business Risk on the Louisiana Coast, Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies, New Orleans (January 21, 2015)

Delta Cycles, Climate Change, and the Future of the Louisiana Coast, LSU Law School, October 2014.

Rethinking Environmentalism and Sustainability for a Changing World: The Example of Sea Level Rise and the Mississippi Delta, by Edward P. Richards - Vermont Law School Environmental Law Forum, 4 Oct 2014.

Delta Cycles, Climate Change, and the Future of the Louisiana Coast, Mineral Law Institute, April 2014, Baton Rogue, LA.

Time and River: Coastal Restoration as Climate Change Denial, Tulane Environmental Forum, 21 Feb 2014, New Orleans, LA.

Public Health Implications of Global Warming, American College of Legal Medicine, Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, 23 Feb 2013.

Preserving Rule of Law Through Preserving Civil Society, National Security Law Section, 2013 AALS Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 5 Jan 2013.

Public Health Policy and Legislation as Tools to Drive Population Health, Fifth Annual Childhood Obesity and Public Health Conference, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge, LA 24 Oct 2012

The Challenge of Steady State Coastal Law in the Time of Rising Oceans, INTECOL 2012 9th Annual International Wetlands Conference - Orlando, FL 7 June 2012.

Disaster Preparedness and Public Health - ABA 2012 Midyear Meeting, 4 Feb 2012

The MCIM New Orleans Conference - 2011

Oregon 2011

Southern Louisiana - Will we adapt to climate change? Health Law Teachers Conference, Austin, June 2010.

Southern Louisiana: Does the US Accept Global Warming? 2010 National Association of Enviromental Law Societies, Loyola University Law School, New Orleans, March 2010.

Introduction to Administrative Law, CLU, State of Louisiana ALJs, Jan 2010. Prof Richards Prof Devlin

Balancing the Needs of Public Health Professionals and Lawyers in the Design of Public Health Law Materials, ASLME Health Law Teachers Conference, June 2009

Administrative Management of Dangerous Persons - Tenth Annual SIH/SIU Health Policy Institute, May 16, 2008.

Detention of Enemy Combatants - LSU Law School Alumna - November 2007

Real Life Public Health Planning: Where Medicine Meets The Law, Florida Public Health Lawyers Meeting, June 2007.

Potemkin Plans: What are the ethical duties of planners asked to give false assurances? Health Law Teachers Conference, Boston, June 2007

All Hazards Planning - The 2007 Great Lakes Homeland Security Training Conference & Exposition, May 2007

The Role of Law Enforcement in Public Health Emergencies - Presented at the Department of Homeland Security-Federal Transportation Administration Safety and Security Round Table, San Francisco, December 2006

Seizure of Private Property: Powers and Protections, CDC Annual Public Health Law Conference, Atlanta, 13 June 2006.

All Hazards Approach to Public Safety Planning - Presented at the Department of Homeland Security-Federal Transportation Administration Safety and Security Round Table, San Francisco, May 23, 2006.

Public Health as Administrative Law - Presented at the 2006 AALS Annual Meeting, January 2006.

The Administrative Basis of Public Health Law - Presented at the 2005 APHA Annual Meeting, Dec 9, 2005.

Katrina and the Aftermath

Obesity Management: Lessons and Cautions from the Tobacco Experience, Presented at the NACCHO-ASTHO Annual Meeting, 13 July 2005

Testimony before the President's AIDS Commission: AIDS Law - Past and Future, 21 June 2005

Legal Frameworks for Preventing Chronic Disease: Developing a Preventive Law Approach, presented at the CDC Public Health Law Conference, 14 June 2005.

Public Health Law Revision and the Model Law Process: The Case of Emergency Quarantine and Isolation, to be presented at the CDC Public Health Law Conference, 14 June 2005.

Smallpox Preparedness - April 15, 2005

The Politics of Smallpox Modeling (handout) - Presented to the Department of Statistics at Rice University, November 2004

APHA 2004 - Overview of public health law powers and limits: Surveillance, outbreak investigations, emergencies, infectious diseases

"Plagues, Police, and Posse Comitatus: Legal Issues in Forensic Epidemiology and Public Health
Emergency Response,” Forensic Epidemiology, Investigative Responses to Bioterrorism, University of San Diego, Manchester Executive Conference Center, June 25, 2004

Obesity Legislation: Rushing into the Void - Third Annual CDC Public Health Law Conference, Atlanta, June, 2004 (handout)

Public Health Law as Administrative Law (handout) (slides) (hypertext guide) - Third Annual CDC Public Health Law Conference, Atlanta, June, 2004

"Liability and Compensation for Injuries Caused by Vaccines for Bioterrorism Agents," Presented at the Biodefense Vaccine Symposium, University of Maryland Center for Health & Homeland Security, Symposium: Eliminating Legal, Regulatory, and Economic Barriers to Biodefense Vaccine Development. June 9, 2004 Baltimore, Maryland

"Obesity Laws: What are the Unintended Consequences?", presentation and panel chair, American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, Annual Health Law Teacher's Conference, Newark, June, 2004

Bioterrorism and Health Care Ethics - April 20, 2004

LSU Symposium on Public Health and National Security Law, April 2004, Professor John Blum - Observations from a Public Health Emergency: TOPOFF II. Professor Edward Richards - The Law and Politics of Smallpox.

Health Law and Organizations for MPA Students - presented at the LSU MPA program, 1 March 2004

Administrative Compensation for Medical Malpractice Injuries, Presented at the Saint Louis University Law School, Symposium on Administrative Law Meets Health Law, March 2004.

Managed Care Economics: Health Care Finance From the Blues to Managed Care, Health Care Torts Class, Feb 2004

Introduction to Pubic Health Law for Public Health Students - presented at Tulane School of Public Health, 30 Jan 2004 - Updated and presented 3 Sept 2004 updated and presented January and July, 2006.

Thinking Clearly About Public Health Law - American Association of Public Health Physicians, Nov 2003, APHA Meeting, San Francisco

Smallpox, SARS, and Bioterrorism: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges - Louisiana Hospital Association Health Law Update - November 2003

Bioterrorism and the Law, Association for Politics and the Life Sciences, Philadelphia, Sept. 2003.

Teaching Public Health Law, Plenary Session, American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics Annual Health Law Teacher's Conference, June 2003.

Public Health Law - An Introduction for Health Care Administrators - PowerPoint - Presented Spring 2003 University of New Orleans Health Care Administration Program

Medical Issues in Using and Testing Smallpox Vaccine - Presented at South Texas College of Law, 20 Nov 2002 - POWERPoint Slides

Legal Issues in Using and Testing Smallpox Vaccine - Presented at South Texas College of Law, 20 Nov 2002 - POWERPoint Slides

Public Health and Social Justice - These are slides of a presentation at Brandeis Law School on April 2, 2001.

The Future of Public Health - American Association of Public Health Physicians Nov 2000, APHA Meeting, Boston

Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Law - Presented at the International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases, CDC, Atlanta, July 2000.

Legal Issues in Using the Public Health Powers to Protect the Elderly from HIV-AIDS, Slides - ABA Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Monday, August 9, 1999.


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