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Centers for Disease Control
Bioterrorism Documents

Smallpox Information Project

CDC's Oversight of Select Agent Programs. GAO-03-315R, November 22, 2002.

Emerging Infectious Diseases- The Economic Impact of a Bioterrorist Attack- Are Prevention and Postattack Intervention Programs Justifiable?

Biological and Chemical Terrorism: Strategic Plan for Preparedness and Response - PDF - April 21, 2000.

Strengthening National Preparedness for Smallpox: an Update

Interim Recommended Notification Procedures for Local and State Public Health Department Leaders in the Event of a Bioterrorist Incident

Bioterrorism as a Public Health Threat - I

Bioterrorism as a Public Health Threat - II

MMWR, 1999; 48:69-74, Bioterrorism Alleging Use of Anthrax and Interim Guidelines for Management - United States, 1998

CDC Bioterrorism Site

42 U.S.C. 264 - The statute that authorizes the federal government to take certain disease control action.

PART 70--Interstate Quarantine
PART 71--Foreign Quarantine

The regulations promulgated under 42 USC 264 that allow the federal government to carry out disease control enforcement.

Facts about: Anthrax, Botulism, Pneumonic Plague, and Smallpox


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