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Interim Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines - Sept. 25, 2002 - Not for public health use, this is an archive for academic use.

!!Click here for the Current Interim Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines from the CDC!!


NEW! September 23, 2002 - The CDC Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines now contains a very important addition to our smallpox preparedness efforts—a comprehensive annex titled "Smallpox Vaccination Clinic Guide." This new section—part of the upcoming Version 3 of the CDC Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines-describes the operational and logistical considerations associated with implementing a large-scale voluntary vaccination program in response to a confirmed smallpox outbreak. This provides details on all aspects of immunization clinic operations and staffing and includes an example of a model smallpox vaccination clinic.

Download Smallpox Vaccination Clinic Guide Annex PDF (949 KB/48 pages)

NOTE: Version 3 of the CDC Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines will be available on this site soon. However, the only major update in version 3 is the Vaccination Clinic Guide Annex.

Contact Information
 .pdf* format (10k)

Cover Page
 .pdf* format (12k)
Table of Contents
 .pdf* format (13k)

I. Executive Summary plus parts II through VI
 .pdf* format (91k)

(Includes: criteria for implementation of CDC smallpox response plan, notification procedures for suspected smallpox cases, CDC and state/local responsibilities and action in the event of a smallpox outbreak, vaccine mobilization and deployment, and CDC personnel mobilization and deployment, etc.)

Guide A - Surveillance, Contact Tracing, and Epidemiological Investigation
Note: Guide A and its forms are currently under revision -- watch for

Guide A (139k)
(Includes: pre-event rash surveillance; smallpox clinical case description and differential diagnosis; smallpox case definitions and classifications; post-event response epidemiological investigation; post-event surveillance; contact identification, tracing and surveillance; description of Forms A1 - A13, etc.)

NOTE: These forms are draft versions and are available as examples of the types of information that should be collected. Planning efforts including large-scale form replication or database development should take this into consideration as these draft versions are subject to change. Until finalized versions are available, these forms may be utilized for emergency use if needed. As the forms are updated and/or finalized, they will be posted to this website and noted as such.

NOTE: For proper viewing and editing, the PowerPoint files should be opened within PowerPoint. If viewed using a browser, images on the pages may be distorted.


Guide B - Vaccination Guidelines for State and Local Health Agencies
Guide B part 1 of 2 (.pdf*) (105k)    
Guide B part 2 of 2 (.pdf*) (66k)     

(Includes: vaccination guidelines, vaccination strategies, indications for

vaccination, contraindications for vaccination, reconstitution, administration,

and storage of vaccine, recognition of expected vaccine reactions/take,

recognition of adverse reactions, indications and guidelines for VIG

administration, contingencies for re-sterilization of bifurcated needles, etc.)

Guide C - Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines
Guide C part 1 of 2 (.pdf*) (104k) (actual pages 1 of 18 of guide C)
Guide C part 2 of 2 (.pdf*) (25k) (actual pages 19-21 of guide C)

(Includes: confirmed cases, suspected cases, febrile contacts, and quarantine, etc.) 

Guide D - Specimen Collection Guidelines
Guide D (.pdf*) (98k)

(Includes: specimen collection supply list, procedure for patients with

vesicles or pustules, procedure for patients with scab lesions, autopsy

specimens, packing and labeling of specimens, etc.) 

Guide E - Communications Plans and Activities
Guide E (.pdf*) (104k)

(Includes: overall communication plan purpose, overall smallpox plan

objectives, guiding principles, pre-event and post-event activities, etc.)

Guide F - Decontamination Guidelines
Guide F (.pdf*) (41k)

(Includes: reusable medical equipment; medical waste; surfaces; protective clothing, bedding, linens, etc.; facility/rooms; transportation vehicle)

Annex Files (1-7)

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