LSU Law Center Practice Concentrations

Students at LSU Law School have the opportunity to choose from several practice concerntrations. Each concertration involves several faculty members and expert adjunct professors from the community.

Business Law
Criminal Law
Energy Law
Environmental and Natural Resources Law
Tax and Estate Planning
Intellectual Property
Oil and Gas


Notes on what need to do next on this.

Concentrations were selected based on have at least two core faculty members so that there is continuity if one is on sabattcal or otherwise unavailable.

Since there is no tax concerntation, we should have a tax and estate planning concerntation, which then have two core faculty and a good range of national courses.

Each concentration should be rewritten to move LA specific courses to the recommended course catagory and the required courses list modified as necessary to be nationa law classes.

They should be put in a standard form and then posted as WWW pages rather than PDF. That allows links to the courses and other resources for each concentration.