Reporting by Boards of Medical Examiners
Each Board of Medical Examiners which revokes or suspends (or otherwise restricts) a physician’s license or censures, reprimands, or places on probation a physician, for reasons relating to the physician’s professional competence or professional conduct, or to which a physician’s license is surrendered, shall report, the name of the physician involved, a description of the acts or omissions or other reasons (if known) for the revocation, suspension, or surrender of license, and such other information respecting the circumstances of the action or surrender as the Secretary deems appropriate.
If, after notice of noncompliance and providing opportunity to correct noncompliance, the Secretary determines that a Board of Medical Examiners has failed to report information in accordance with the Act, the Secretary shall designate another qualified entity for the reporting of the required information. (sec. 11132)