Mixed Cases
An interesting scenario not considered in the statute occurred when a mixed case—one which involves multiple issues that are not all appropriate for Court of Claims jurisdiction—presented itself to the Supreme Court. Japanese- American World War II internees and their representatives brought suit against the United States, seeking money damages and declaratory judgment on 22 claims based upon a variety of constitutional violations, torts, and breach of contract and fiduciary duties. The Court held that: (1) language of Federal Courts Improvement Act did not clearly address mixed cases presenting claims under both those statutes; (2) bifurcation of the appeal was an inappropriate means of resolving jurisdictional problem; and (3) the legislative history and Congressional desire for a uniform adjudication of Little Tucker Act claims favored an interpretation that the federal circuit court had exclusive appellate jurisdiction over mixed cases. United States v. Hohri, 482 U.S. 64 (1987).