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Historic Public Health Law Books

Tobey, James A. (DrPH, LLD), Public Health Law (3rd Edition), The Commonwealth Fund, New York, 1947.

[This is the last great public health law treatise, in the tradition of the health officer manuals that were at the core of the sanitation movement. These books combined legal information with practical information on public health practice and administration. As with Dr. Tobey, they were often written by authors with both legal and public health training.]

Full file in PDF format for printing the entire book - warning, 34 meg file.

Used with permission of the Commonwealth Fund.

Title Page


FOREWORD, by Charles V . Chapin, M.D., Sc.D., LL.D

Detailed Table of Contents

Part I. Public Health Law and Administration 

Chapter 1. Public Health and the Law 
Chapter 2. Sources of Public Health Law 
Chapter 3. The Police Power and the Public Health 
Chapter 4. State Health Organization 
Chapter 5. Local Health Departments 
Chapter 6. Health Officers and Employees 

Part II. Powers and Duties of Health Departments 

Chapter 7. Vital Statistics 
Chapter 8. The Control of Communicable Disease 
Chapter 9. The Control of Tuberculosis 
Chapter 10. The Control of Venereal Disease 
Chapter 11. Milk Control 
Chapter 12. Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics 
Chapter 13. Nuisances and Sanitation 
Chapter 14. Vaccination 
Chapter 15. School Hygiene 
Chapter 16. Industrial Hygiene and the Control of Occupational Diseases 

Part III. Liability 

Chapter 17. Liability of Municipal Corporations 
Chapter 18 Personal Liability of Health Officers 
Chapter 19. Liability of Individuals and Corporations in Matters Affecting Public Health 

Part IV. Legislation and Law Enforcement 

Chapter 20. The Preparation and Adoption of Health Legislation 
Chapter 21. Law Enforcement and Court Procedure


I. The Decision Of The United States Supreme Court In The Case Of Jacobson V. Massachusetts
II. Use Of The References
III. Selected Bibliography

Index Of Cases


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