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Public Health Law Materials / Sexually Transmitted Infections

Mathematical Models of STI Transmission

James R. Thompson, Is the United States Country Zero for the First-World AIDS Epidemic?'' (2000) {The Journal of Theoretical Biology}, pp. 621-628; and James R. Thompson, Understanding the AIDS Epidemic: A Modeler's Odyssey'' (1999), in Mathematical Modeling, D. Shier and T. Wallenius, eds., New York: CRC Press pp. 41-69. Professor Thompson of Rice University has done the best analysis of the linkage between bathhouses and the AIDS epidemic in the US.

Best introduction to disease modeling based on contact networks - Gonorrhea Transmission Dynamics and Control, By Herbert W. Hethcote and James A. Yorke (with permission).

Modeling HIV Transmission and AIDS in the United States, By Herbert W. Hethcote and James W. Van Ark (with permission) - large PDF of book.


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