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Statute of Limitations

Guide to Montgomery v. South County Radiologists, Inc., No. ED77285 (Mo.App. E.D. 12/19/2000)

What happened in the lower court?

Why did plaintiff get the x-rays?

Who reviews and interprets the x-rays?

How do they assure continuity?

Were his films reviewed by the same doc?

What did each of them miss?

When was this detected?

Was it by one of defendant's docs?

When was the last x-ray by defendant?

How long until the tumor was found?

When was the claim filed?

Did the court apply the "Thatcher rule" to the case?

What is this rule?

What kind of case was Thatcher?

What was the continuing care?

What is the rationale for the continuing care rule?

How does this exception foster honesty and open communication within the doctor-patient relationship?

How is the radiologist's role different from a treating physician?

Why do the usual physician-patient relationship rules not work for radiologists?

What does the Kamerick tell us about phone calls?

What would you have to show about a telephone call to escape this ruling?

How do changing medical practices change the role of the radiologist and the rational for the continuing care rule?

How did the court fit this case into the continuing care exception?

What is the rationale for holding the entity (SCR) liable, as well as the docs?


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