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Child Welfare

State may use child's Social Security to pay for foster care - Washington State Dept. of Social and Health Services v. Guardianship Estate of Keffeler, --- S.Ct. ----, 2003 WL 431631 (2003)

State orders treatment of HIV-infected child over parental objections - A.D.H. v. State Dept. of Human Resources, 640 So.2d 969 (Ala. Ct. App. 1994)

Court blocks breast-feeding by HIV positive mother - In re Tyson, 1999 WL 997489 (Or.Cir. Apr 20, 1999)

Procedural Issues in Terminating Life Support for a Child - Family Independence Agency v. AMB, No. 218869 (Mich.App. 11-06-2001) - Brief

HCA Inc. v. Miller, 36 S.W.3d 187 (2000)

Balancing rights when ordering treatment for a child with HIV - In re Nikolas E., 720 A.2d 562, 1998 ME 243 (Me. 1998)

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