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Terrorism and Bioterrorism Resources

Bioterrorism Related Documents

Public Law 104-321 - Granting the consent of Congress to the Emergency Management Assistance
Compact. Oct. 19, 1996

FEMA - Emergency Response to Terrorism Job Aid - Feb 2003 - Released Feb 2004
COMBATING TERRORISM Evaluation of Selected Characteristics in National Strategies Related to Terrorism Statement of Randall A. Yim, Managing Director Homeland Security and Justice Issues, For Release on Delivery Expected at 10:00 a.m. EST Tuesday, February 3, 2004, GAO-04-408T
"Anthrax and Other Vaccines: Use in the U.S. Military" Presentation and Paper Presented by Dr. Anna Johnson-Winegar at the Joint Statistical Meeting in Atlanta, GA

42 USC 264. Regulations to control communicable diseases
Assessing the Threat, First Annual Report to The President and The Congress of the Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (Second, Third, Fourth, Final)
Biological and Chemical Terrorism: Strategic Plan for Preparedness and Response
Biological Warfare
Biological Warfare - Executive Summary
Bioterrorism - Dr. Anna Johnson-Winegar's Congressional Testimony on Bioterrorism Before the Senate Committee on Government Affairs
Bioterrorism and the Use of Fear in Public Health
Bioterrorism as a Public Health Threat
Bioterrorism as a Public Health Threat
CDC - Bioterrorism Alleging Use of Anthrax and Interim Guidelines for Management - United States, 1998
Chemical and Biological Defense Primer
Chemical and Biological Defense Program Annual Report to Congress, March 2000
Emerging Infectious Diseases: The Economic Impact of a Bioterrorist Attack: Are Prevention and Postattack Intervention Programs Justifiable?
Facts About Bioterrorism Agents
FEMA - Federal Response Plan
FEMA - Proceedings of the Seminar Responding to the Consequences of Chemical and Biological Terrorism
Foreign Quarantine
GAO - COMBATING TERRORISM - Key Aspects of a National Strategy to Enhance State and Local Preparedness
GAO - Combating Terrorism: Need for Comprehensive Threat and Risk Assessments of Chemical and Biological Attacks
GAO - Combating Terrorism: Observation on the Threat of Chemical and Biological Terrorism
GAO - Combating Terrorism: Use of National Guard Response Teams is Unclear
GAO - Emerging Infectious Diseases: Consensus on Needed Laboratory Capacity Could Strengthen Surveillance
GAO - Emerging Infectious Diseases: National Surveillance System Could be Strengthened
Highlights of the "Biotechnology Revolution": 1953-present*
Interstate Quarantine
Joint Service Chemical & Biological Defense Program Overview - 2001
Legal Issues in Smallpox Vaccinations
Model State Emergency Health Powers Act - II
Model State Emergency Powers Act - I
NY Anti-Terrorism Law - S70002
Office of Counterproliferation and Chemical and Biological Defense - Reports
Presidential Decision Directive-62 (PDD-62), "Protection Against Unconventional Threats to the Homeland and Americans Overseas,"
Report on Biological Warfare Defense Vaccine Research & Development Programs
Review of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
Science of Bioterrorism: Is the Federal Government Prepared?
Selected Biotechnology Terms
Table of Contents - Biological Warfare
The Clinton Administration's Policy on Critical Infrastructure Protection: Presidential Decision Directive 63 May 22, 1998

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