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Smallpox Vaccine Injury Law Project

Military Smallpox Vaccination Policies

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Smallpox Planning Documents

DoD Smallpox Response Plan
(430 page PDF)
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Smallpox page

CDC Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines
CDC website
Military Medical Exemption Codes for Smallpox (Vaccinia)


RESOURCE CENTER: Q & A - frequently asked questions regarding smallpox, the smallpox vaccine and the DoD's smallpox vaccination progam. 6 Jan 03


Policy on Administrative Issues Related to Smallpox Vaccination Program (SVP) (December 13, 2002) signed by Under Secretary of Defense for Personel & Readiness

Clinical Policy for the DoD Smallpox Vaccination Program (SVP) (November 26, 2002)signed by Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs

Department of Defense Smallpox Response Plan (September 30, 2002) signed by Deputy Secretary of Defense


Army Smallpox Preparedness and Vaccination Program Implementation Plan (10 JAN 03)

Approval of Smallpox Implmentation Plan (26 DEC 02)

U.S. Army MEDCOM Guidance: Defending Against Smallpox (23 DEC 02)

ALARACT Message (21 DEC 02) signed by Army Surgeon General


Memorandum for Commandant of the Marine Corps: Approval of Smallpox Implementation Plan (26 DEC 02)

MARADMIN Message (08 JAN 03)

Air Force

Approval of Smallpox Implementation Plan (08 JAN 03)

Air Force Implementation of the Smallpox Vaccination Program (07 JAN 03)


Clinical Guidelines for Managing Adverse Events After Vaccination

DoD Directive 6205.3, "DoD Immunization Program for Biological Warfare Defense"-This 1993 directive establishes policy and provides guidance for immunization to protect U.S. personnel against biological warfare threats and for the development and acquisition of vaccines for biological warfare defense.

Guidance for Industry
Recommendations for Deferral of Donors and Quarantine and Retrieval of Blood and Blood Products in Recent Recipients of Smallpox Vaccine (Vaccinia Virus) and Certain Contacts of Smallpox Vaccine Recipients


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