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Smallpox Vaccine Injury Law Project

AHLA Teleconference on Smallpox Vaccination Law

Medical Issues

Smallpox Vaccine

Live Virus


Smallpox Vaccine Cannot Spread Smallpox


Produces a Very Mild Local Infection in Healthy Persons

Can Produce Serious Illness in Immunosuppressed Persons

Vaccine Administration

Vaccine is Jabbed into the Skin with a Small Forked Needle

Vaccinia Must Grow and Form a Small Sore or No Immunity

The Sore Lasts about 2 Weeks

The Sore Leaks Vaccinia Virus Which Can Infect Others

Preventing Spread of Vaccinia

Anything that Contacts the Sore Can Spread the Virus

Scratching the Sore can Spread it on the Vaccinated Person's Body

Touching Others After Touching the Sore Can Spread the Virus

Can be Spread to Patients

Can Be Spread to Family Members

Improper Bandaging Can Let the Virus Spread

Conflicting Recommendations on Vaccinated Workers Caring for Patients

FDA Approved Instructions on Vaccine Label Say No Patient Contact Unless Essential

CDC Recommendations Say Patient Contact is OK if:

Vaccinated Persons Wash Their Hands Carefully

Vaccine Bandage is Properly Sealed and Cared For.

Courts Take FDA Label Warnings Very Seriously

See Smallpox Vaccine Injury and Law Guide for more information.

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