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Bioterrorism Resources

Government Documents

Department of Defense
Bioterrorism Documents

Domestic WMD Incident Management Legal Deskbook - Jan 2004

Criminal and Epidemiological Investigation Handbook 2003 Edition (81 pages, 15,514 KB PDF)

Joint Service Chemical & Biological Defense Program Overview - 2001

Chemical and Biological Defense Program Annual Report to Congress, March 2000

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering:  Implications for the Development of New Warfare Agents - 1996
Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering:
Implications for the Development of New Warfare Agents

ANNEX A: Highlights of the Biotechnology Revolution: 1953-Present

ANNEX B: Selected Biotechnology Terms

Report on Biological Warfare Defense Vaccine Research & Development Programs

Chemical and Biological Defense Primer

Science of Bioterrorism- Is the Federal Government Prepared? - Statement of Dr. Anna Johnson-Winegar, Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological Defense, BIOLOGICAL TERRORISM: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, Before the House Science Committee, Full Committee Hearing, December 5, 2001

Dr. Anna Johnson-Winegar's Congressional Testimony on Bioterrorism Before the Senate Committee on Government Affairs 

"Anthrax and Other Vaccines- Use in the U.S. Military" Presentation and Paper Presented by Dr. Anna Johnson-Winegar at the Joint Statistical Meeting in Atlanta, GA 


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