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Pillorying Well-Stocked Scientists

By Charles Walter and Edward P. Richards, 14 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine #1, pg. 96 (Jan/Feb 1995)

In the March, 1993, March 1994 and May, 1994 issues of EMB Magazine, we discussed the conflict between headline seeking reporters and zealous scientists at the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) seeking to convict high profile researchers of misconduct, and the rights of the researchers to a fair hearing on the charges against them. We reported in the May, 1994 article that a prominent figure in the controversy between ORI and the review panels that exonerated scientists charged with misconduct by ORI was ORI's Director, Dr. Lyle W. Bivens. As reported in that article, due process was winning, but at enormous costs to researchers and society.


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