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National Security Law

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Classroom change!! We are now in room W220!

Course Information

Required Text (You can buy this online if they are not available. Be sure to get them by class on Thursday.)

Dycus, et al, National Security Law, 4th Edition (2007). Be sure you are getting the right book, not the old edition.


You should check the WWW site for assignment information and course changes every day before class.

Class participation can affect your final grade.

We may have quizzes that will count toward the final grade.

14 Aug 2007

General discussion of national security law and the post-9/11 world (no reading assignment)

16 Aug 2007

Chapter 1 & 2 - Study Questions (I will be providing study question to better focus your readings and to help you integrate these materials into your existing knowledge of the law. These are edited and revised versions of the questions I have used in the past.)

Secrecy News Blog (free subscription) - an excellent source of information about national security issues.

Congressional Powers

Declaring war

Raise and support armies

The navy

Regulation of the military

Calling up the militia

Governing state militias

Presidential Powers

Commander in Chief

Ambiguous Powers

Habeas corpus

21 August 2007

Chapter 3 - study questions Korean Maps

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10340 - Steel seizure

The Office of Homeland Security & the Homeland Security Council - example of an executive order

23 Aug 2007

Chapter 4 - study questions

Review of powers under the Taft-Hartley Act, showing Truman's alternatives.

28 Aug 2007

Chapter 5 - study questions

30 Aug 2007

Chapter 6 - Through Dellums v. Bush - study questions

For your own interest, at least at this point, see this report on the amendments to FISA:

CRS - "P.L. 110-55, the Protect America Act of 2007: Modifications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act," August 23, 2007

4 Sept 2007

Look at the Kent State Chronology as background for the Kent State case in the readings.

Finish Chapter 6 - study questions

6 Sept 2007

Chapter 7 - study questions

11 Sept 2007

Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 - updated assignment. Sorry about the long reading, but chapter 8 does not make sense without 9 on the war powers resolution. Study guides - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9

Chapter 8 - Resources:

Vietnam - History - Historical Atlas - War Timeline - Robert S. McNamara - Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Indonesia - Map of Indonesia - 1950-1965 - 1965-1998

13 Sept 2007

Chapter 10, 11, and 12. This finishes war. I will give you some abreviated study questions so you can make better sense of the material. The faster we get through war - which, legally, is pretty simple - the more time we have for intelligence and counter-terrorism, which pose the important legal questions in our modern world.

Study Questions

18 Sept 2007

Global incident map - an ongoing map of global terrorism incidents and other national security information.

Chapter 13 - we will discuss this briefly, using the study questions. Movie recommendation for understanding the modern peace-keeping environment: Lord of War (2005)

Chapter 14 - the fun stuff starts. Read carefully. Study questions.

You heard it hear first! The Iraq government has revoked Blackwater's license to operate in Iraq, and is threatening prosecution of Blackwater employees. AP Story Does Blackwater need a license? Does the US Government have the right to prevent Iraq from prosecuting Blackwater employees:

"Under a special provision secured by American-occupying forces, they are exempt from prosecution by Iraqis for crimes committed there."

What if Blackwater flies them to the US? Can the US refuse extradition?

20 Sept 2007

Continue the discussion Chapter 14

25 Sept 2007

Chapter 15 - study questions for all of Chapter 15

27 Sept 2007

Finish Chapter 15, picking up with Iran Contra, p. 404.

2 Oct 2007

Chapter 16 - study questions

4 Oct 2007

Chapter 17 - study questions

9 Oct 2007

Understanding Administrative Searches: Camara V. Municipal Court City And County, 387 U.S. 523, 87 S. Ct. 1727, 18 L. Ed. 2d 930 (1967); New York v. Burger, 482 U.S. 691 (1987)


16 Oct 2007

Chapter 18 - study questions

18 Oct 2007

Chapter 19 - study questions

23 Oct 2007

Chapter 20 - study questions

Chapter 21 - study questions

We may not finish all of Chapter 21, but we will try.

25 Oct 2007

National Security Movie Day

31 Oct 2007

Discuss movie. Chapter 22. Study guide

1 Nov 2007

Chapter 23 - Study questions

6 Nov 2007

Chapters 24 - study questions

Chapter 25 - study questions

8 Nov 2007

Chapter 26 - Study Questions

13 Nov 2007

Turkmen v. Ashcroft - more information

Saleh v. Titan - more information

These are tort actions arising from post 9/11 events. Turkmen is long, but an interesting collection of theories.

15 Nov 2007

First Blackwater Case

Chapter 30 (This mostly the Hamdan case, which is probably the most important one we have not read.)

20 Nov 2007

Last class - informal discussion (optional class)



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