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Law 5411 - Introduction to Environmental Law

Richards - Fall 2011

Class Blog - All students will be added to the blog within a week so that you may post and comment on posts.

Text: Environmental Law: Conceptual & Functional Approach 2e (Aspen Casebook)



EPA Environmental Law Glossary, Abbreviations & Acronyms - HTML PDF (Environmental law is packed with acronyms. This is a good place to look them up.)

Class Rules

I reserve the right to add or subtract points based on class performance. We will use the Moodle forum for this class. (If that does not work well, I will set up a blog.) You should check this page the night before each class for any breaking news.

16 Aug

I will post specific assignments as we through the course. Most will be from the text, but we will also look at other materials. If you want to read ahead, the plan for the course is to go all the way through the book.

Chapter 1

18 Aug

Environmental law in the news

Chapter 2 to page 49.


EPA - Climate change in the past


The politics


Private Nuisance - Public Nuisance

23 Aug

Finish Chapter 2

Rereversing the River - Attack of the Killer Carp

AEPC - Complaint

25 Aug

Chapter 3 to p. 96

30 Aug

Finish Chapter 3. Chapter 4 through to B. THE GOALS OF SOME OF THE MAJOR FEDERAL ENVIRONMENTAL STATUTES, p. 114.

1 Sept

Finish Chapter 4, read Chapter 5 through p. 134.

6 Sept

Read to p. 167

8 Sept

Read to 198.

13 Sept

Read to 244

15 Sept

Read to 271

20 Sept

Finish Chapter 8

22 Sept

Chapter 9

27 Sept

Coastal discussion

29 Sept

Chapter 10 to p. 350 - read closely, this is dense and important material, very applicable to LA. We may get into the next cases in chapter 10 but we will not finish the chapter as originally scheduled.

4 Oct

Finish Chapter 10.

6 Oct

Chapter 11

11 Oct

Finish Chapter 10 - discussion of recycling

Chapter 12.

18 Oct

Finish Chapter 12

Chapter 13 to 465. This gets hard, read closely.

20 Oct

Finish Chapter 13.

25 Oct

Chapter 14 to 526.

27 Oct

Finish Chapter 14.

1 Nov

See blog. ( Hidden Costs of Energy: Unpriced Consequences of Energy Production and Use - Read the Summary,  Chapter 1, and Chapter 7. )

I have also sent you the file by email.

3 Nov

Chapter 15. You need to read this, but we will discuss it generally rather than in detail.

8 Nov

Chapter 16

10 Nov

Chapter 17

15 Nov

Chapter 18 to page 665.

17 Nov

Finish Chapter 18.

22 Nov

Capstone/review session. slides



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