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Administrative Law - Fall 2001

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Missouri Bar Exam Questions on Administrative Law - we will discuss these on the last 2 days of class.

Understanding Administrative Law

Administrative Law - Greatest Hits

All textbook references are to Asimow, Bonfield and Levin's: State and Federal Administrative Law, 2nd ed.  1998. (This is the same book I used last spring.) Students are expected to complete all readings before each class.

In general, we will try to cover about 30 pages a day. If there is no specific assignment posted, read the next 30 pages.

There is no assignment for the first day of class.

Aug 22

Introduction to Administrative Law

Aug 24


Aug 29


Aug 31


Sept 5


Sept 7


Sept 12

Revised assignment - think about the role of agencies in maintaining order during the events starting the morning of Sept 11.  Why is it important to avoid chaos?  How should these events change our view of agencies such as the NSA and FFA and their powers?  Be prepared to talk intelligently about all the different agencies involved and their roles.  Read a newspaper and look at the online coverage.

Sept 14

Canceled due to last minute decision by Chancellor on Friday.  I would have warned you but we were not told until 11:30 AM Friday.

Sept 19


Sept 21


Sept 26


Study guide - Sept 26

This is a first try.  Let me know how readable it is.

Sept 28


Study Guide - Sept 28

Work through the questions - I will ask you for the answers.

Oct 3


Study Guide - Oct 3

Oct 5


Executive Order #12866- Regulatory Planning and Review - This is for reference - you need to read the edited version in the book.

Study Guide - Oct 5

Oct 10

New - as of 12:20 PM Oct 8 - the full text - The Office of Homeland Security & the Homeland Security Council

This was just released.  Read and analyze it in the context of the Executive Order we discussed last class and be prepared to explain who it works, what the powers are, how it is organized, and what authority it really has over agencies.

323 - 358

Study Guide - Oct 10 - we may not finish this in this class.

Oct 12

358 - 396

Study Guide - 0ct 12

We will finish the materials from Oct. 10 as well.  Be sure to use the study guide for Oct 12 - it condenses the materials.

If you have not picked up the supplement to the case book, please see Brooks Best in the Hughes Suite - the price is free.

Oct 17

Study Guide - Oct 17

396 - 428, plus 7.2.1c from the supplement - Whitman V. American Trucking Ass'ns, Inc.  If you do not have have a copy of the supplement, get one from Brooks Best in the Hughes Suite.


Oct 19

No Class

Oct 24

We are going to do something different for this class.  The reading is 428 - 464, but the only important case is Chada.  Skip Chadha in the book, and skim the rest of the material, but you do not need to prepare to recite on it.  Much of it deals with the political control of agencies, which we have already discussed.  I will fill in any necessary detail on this in class.  Then carefully read the text of the unedited opinion in Chadha - INS v. Chadha, 462 U.S. 919 (1983) - BUT ONLY THROUGH PARAGRAPH 164.  Here is the study guide - Guide to INS v. Chadha, 462 U.S. 919 (1983).  We are going to use this case to delve into several issues about political control of agencies and review of such control by the courts.  It is an interesting case and a key constitutional law precedent.

Oct 26

464 - 492

Study Guide - Oct 26

Oct 31

7.8 Executive Oversight - 492 - 507: Skim this.  It is a rehash of our previous discussion of 12866.

507 - 534 - Freedom of Information and Open Meetings.  Review 552(b) and make sure you know all the exceptions to FOIA.

Study Guide - Oct 31

Nov 2

534 - 575

Study Guide - Nov 2

Nov 7

575 - 611

Study Guide - Nov 7

Nov 9

Catch our breath day - Since so many students have to miss class, we are going to limit our readings to 611 - 617, plus what we did not cover last time.  I will open the discussion to other materials we have covered for the remainder of the class.

Nov 14


Study Guide - Nov 14

For those who are worried about the big picture, remember to look at Understanding Administrative Law.  This is a set of questions designed to guide you through the big picture in administrative law.  Since professors are sometimes lazy, it might even be a good place to look for possible exam questions.

Nov 16

647 - 675

Study Guide - Nov 16

Nov 28

675 - to the bitter end.

Study Guide - Nov 28

Nov 30

This is an optional session, since classes ended on the 29th, for students interested in talking about the adlaw section on the Missouri bar.  This will not be on the exam, but is just a chance to work through some bar exam questions and talk about how to approach them.

Missouri Bar Exam - Administrative Law Questions

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