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Final Actions

Possible final actions listed below for guidance range from minimal restrictions (Group I) to the most severe and restrictive (Group III). They are not exhaustive and do not include possible criminal sanctions.

Group I Actions.

Send a letter of reprimand to the individual or institution.

Require as a condition of an award that for a specified period an individual, department, or institution obtain special prior approval of particular activities from NSF.

Require for a specified period that an institutional official other than those guilty of misconduct certify the accuracy of reports generated under an award or provide assurance of compliance with particular policies, regulations, guidelines, or special terms and conditions.

Group II Actions.

Restrict for a specified period designated activities or expenditures under an active award.

Require for a specified period special reviews of all requests for funding from an affected individual, department, or institution to ensure that steps have been taken to prevent repetition of the misconduct.

Group III Actions.

Immediately suspend or terminate an active award.

Debar or suspend an individual, department, or institution from participation in NSF programs for a specified period after further proceedings under applicable regulations.

Prohibit participation of an individual as an NSF reviewer, advisor, or consultant for a specified period. (sec. 689.2)

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