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LACPR Final Technical Report

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The LACPR Final Technical Report presents a suite of alternatives and implementation options for further consideraton of tradeoffs. The report identifies five or six technically viable plans for each of the five planning units across the State. Each plan requires a different set of economic, social, and environmental tradeoffs to achieve some corresponding level of risk reduction.

The information contained within the LACPR Final Technical Report has been reviewed by technical experts both within the Corps and independent to the Corps. On March 3, 2009, the LACPR team submitted a draft report to the National Academies, an independent group of highly respected professionals, for a second round of independent, external peer review. On July 17, 2009, the review panel issued its final report on LACPR. The Committee's primary concern was the lack of a single recommended plan and the lack of advice on initial high-priority steps and projects. The Committee stated that the Corps and the State of Louisiana should agree on the elements of a single comprehensive plan for long-term hurricane protection and coastal restoration and a number of high-priority projects for immediate implementation. The Chief of Engineers has provided final written responses to the issues raised and recommendations contained in the independent external peer review report.

On June 9, 2009 the LACPR team released the LACPR Final Technical Report for review by other Federal agencies, the State of Louisiana, parish councils, NGOs, and the public. The comment period was closed on July 24, 2009. During the public comment period, approximately 1,780 individuals, six NGOs, and three Federal agencies submitted comments related to the LACPR effort. Comments and responses have been compiled in a Comment Addendum.

The Chief of Engineers submitted the August 2009 LACPR Final Technical Report and Comment Addendum to the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) on September 11, 2009. Following review by the ASA(CW) and the Administration, the report will be sent to Congress. The LACPR report totaling approximately 3,280 pages can be downloaded below.

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