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Louisiana Administative Law

Wooley v. State Farm
Is it Constitutional to Deny Agencies the Right to Seek Judicial Review of ALJ Decisions?

Wooley v. State Farm - this case attacks the constitutionality of the LA administrative code provisions that prevent state agencies from seeking judicial review of ALJ decisions made by the cental administative judge panel. The case arises from a dispute over the construction of an insurance policy, which, ironically, probably should not have been decided by an ALJ at all.

New! LA Supreme Court Opinion - upholds the law preventing the agencies from overruling or appealing the decisions of the ALJ panel.

District Court Opinion in the Wooley v. State Farm Case

Proposed Constitutional Amendment to overturn Wooley - This was defeated.

Opinion Memo from the Court

Professor Paul Baier of the LSU Law Center has taken the lead in this case and his brief is the best starting point.

Wooley v. State Farm Amicus Brief on behalf of Louisiana House of Reps

Wooley v. State Farm Amicus Brief - Louisiana Legislative Black Cacus

Wooley v. State Farm Memo in Opposition

Wooley v. State Farm Memo in Support of Injunctions

Wooley v. State Farm Memo in Support of Peremptory Exception

Wooley v. State Farm Petition for Injunctions

Wooley v. State Farm: Post-Trial Memo of the Division of Administrative Law

Wooley v. State Farm Reply Memorandum

Wooley v. State Farm: State Farm's Post Trial Memo


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