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TIICANN (the Title II Community AIDS National Network)is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on Ryan White CARE Act issues, especially AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs). We work with and for those who fund, evaluate, staff, volunteer with, politically interact with or are served by the over 2,500 entities and projects funded by title II of the CARE Act. We are committed---particularly through our Treatment Access Extension Project (TAEP)--- to working at the federal and state levels for:

* better funding and resources deployment for state ADAP programs

* statutory and waivered extension of Medicaid coverage of single, childless "pre-disabled" persons

*raising state Medicaid income levels for those who are disabled

*using existing authority to add low and low-middle-income HIV+ parents of children to expanded Medicaid and Child Health Insurance Programs (CHIP)

*promoting recently widened, but still little-own, return-to-work health coverage for the disabled

*greater use of state health insurance risk pools as a method for stretching the ADAP dollar for both "pre-disabled" and fully disabled HIV+ patients

*addition of a meaningful prescription drug benefit to Medicare for all patients, with subsidies for lower income persons

*amending Medicare legislation to amend the two year waiting period for the disabled

*amending Medicaid legislation to permit coverage of ALL low-income persons, even if they aren't disabled or in other current Medicaid categories

See our (still-under-construction) website at www.tiicann.org or contact us at 1775 T Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009 (202) 588-1775. (Contact Tom McCormack at tomxix@ix.netcom.com or (202) 479-2543 for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance or return-to-work matters.)

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