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Vaccine Law

Study Guide to Wyeth Laboratories, Inc. v. Fortenberry, 530 So.2d 688 (Miss. 1988)

What was the drug?
What did the jury award?
Who ordered the vaccine?
Who gave the vaccine?
What risks did defendant tell plaintiff?
What is Guillain-Barre syndrome?
Did defendant doctor know about?
What didn't he tell plaintiff?
What plaintiff on the recommended list for the vaccine?
Is there disagreement over the plaintiff's diagnosis?
What was Wyeth's question about the expert's qualifications?
What was the causation question?
Why did the jury believe plaintiff?
What did the court say about the duty of the drug company to warn the physician?
What is the learned intermediary doctrine?
What is the duty if the vaccine is given by a pharmacy student with no physician involved?
Who decides if the warning is adequate?
When is expert testimony needed?
What is the standard for an adequate warning?
What did the package insert say about GBS and healthy patients?
Why did Moore not warn the plaintiff?
What did the court rule?

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