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Missouri Torts

Guide to: Crawford v. Pacific Western Mobile Estates, Inc., 548 S.W.2d 216 (Mo.App. 1977)

What is the procedural history?

What about the tank and its protective devices?

What was the problem with the fence?

How did the accident happen?

What might have encouraged the child and resulted in the accident?

What was the defense?

What is plaintiff's counter argument?

What does Section 339 of the Restatement require?

What is the attractive nuisance doctrine and how does it help defendants?

Why were children drownings in ponds and pools not the defendant's problem?

Has the rule change for ponds and pools?

When does 339 apply to ponds and pools?

Where there distracting factors in this case?

What happened in Cargill?

What could defendant have done to prevent this risk?

What caused this risk?

What is the causation problem and how is it answered by Leeright v. Ahrens?

Does plaintiff have to prove the child did enter by the climbing the blocks?

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