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Martin v. Yeoham, 419 S.W.2d 937 (Mo.App. 1967)

What is the procedural history?

Who are the parties?

What was plaintiff's theory?

Why was the partner in this case?

What is plaintiff's version of the facts?

What is defendant's theory of the facts?

What did the police investigator say?

What was the conflict between the plaintiff's jury instructions and the defendants' instructions?

Can plaintiff elect to sue for negligence when the defendant's actions were intentional?

When can plaintiff claim negligence for a shooting injury?

What instruction did the court say plaintiff should have been given?

Did giving the wrong instruction matter in this case?

Why did defendant want the evidence about the party and that plaintiff was asking for information excluded?

What does the court say is the standard?

Did the plaintiff get to tell his party story?

What was wrong with the self-defense instruction?

Did the court uphold the dismissal of the partner and why?

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