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State ex rel. Health Midwest Development Group, Inc. v. Daugherty, 965 S.W.2d 841 (Mo. 1998)

What were plaintiff's theories against defendant?

Why was plaintiff suspended from the medical staff?

What did plaintiff's ask for?

What limits did the hospital want to put on the discovery?

What did the court order?

What is the common law rule on peer review privilege and what case does it come from in Missouri?

What are the three conditions for the exception in subsection 5 of 537.035?

Why does the defendant argue that the exception only applies to the records concerning plaintiff?

How does the court construe the effect of subsection 5 as it applies to defendant's claim?

Why does the court say it must construe privilege statutes narrowly?

What is the defendant's claim from Brandt II?

Is the physician-patient privilege absolute?

How does the physician-patient privilege conflict with subsection 5?

How should the court protect patient privacy?

What is plaintiff's claim that makes the peer review records of other physicians relevant?

What does defendant need to show to prove that the order is overbroad because it covers ten years?

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