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State ex rel. Faith Hosp. v. Enright, 706 S.W.2d 852 (Mo. 1986)

What is the underlying cause of action?

What is the alleged negligence by the defendant?

What did plaintiffs ask for?

What order did the trial court enter?

Why this order?

Does this do the defendant's much good?

What was the rule from Chandra?

What does 537.035 say?

What is plaintiff's claim about a timing problem with 537.035?

What is plaintiff's substantive attack on 537.035?

What is the rule about laws that deal only with procedure?

When does a case stop being pending?

Is plaintiff's discovery request a procedural issue?

Does 537.035 apply to plaintiff's request?

What is a "peer review committee"?

What is a credentials committee?

Is a credentials committee a peer review committee for the purpose of the statute?

Are all functions of the credentials committee covered by the statute?

What is the court willing to make an interlocutory order, rather than waiting to rule on the appeal of the final decision in the case?

What is an incident report?

Are they protected under 537.035?

How did defendant try to protect them?

Why was this unsuccessful?

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