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Louisiana Administrative Law

Louisiana Administrative Procedure Act

§982. New regulation; incorporation in Louisiana Register and Louisiana Administrative Code; resolution of conflicting rules

A. Upon receipt of any rules promulgated under the Administrative Procedure Act, the office of the state register shall prepare the "Louisiana Register", containing the rules to be promulgated in the Louisiana Administrative Code as they may have been amended or repromulgated and omitting therefrom those sections that have been repealed. There shall also be incorporated therein, in an appropriate place and classification, the text of all the new rules of a general and public nature, assigning to these rules an appropriate title, part, chapter, and section number, and indicating the statutory authority of the rules from which they are taken.

B. When a conflict between two or more rules affecting the same subject matter in the same provision or regulation cannot be resolved for the purpose of incorporating the text into the Louisiana Administrative Code, the office of the state register shall so notify the secretary of the department or administrative officer charged with the promulgation of the rule prior to preparing the Louisiana Administrative Code. The secretary or administrative officer shall be notified of the proposed correction. If no written disapproval of the secretary or administrative officer, or his designee, of the proposed correction is received by the office of the state register within seven days after the secretary or administrative officer receives the notice, the office of the state register shall then direct the printer to incorporate into the Louisiana Administrative Code the text of the provision of the rule properly promulgated.

Acts 1993, No. 379,§ 1.

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