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Fraud and False Claims

United States v. Hancock, 604 F.2d 999 (7th Cir. Ind. 1979)

Why do we care about these cases?

What is the procedural history?

What does nolo contendere mean and why is it used?

What is the statute?

What is the effect of the plea in this case?

What was the alleged crime?

What were defendant's characterizations of the acts?

What is a kickback or bribe?

What does this indictment allege to satisfy the requirement of corrupt payment?

Why are these payments illegal?

Discuss "self-referral"

How was the Porter Case distinguished?

What part of the Porter court's definition was rejected?

What is the dictionary definition of a kickback?

What is the constitutional attack?

Why did the court say it was not unconstitutionally vague?

What is the intent requirement?


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