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Evidence/Medical Malpractice

Guide to: Baker v. Guzon, 950 S.W.2d 635 (Mo.App. E.D. 1997)

What is the timeline, who treated her, and what is the alleged negligence?

What statute did plaintiff file the case under?

What statute should plaintiff have used, according to Wollen, and why?

What did Jacoby testify to that should have made this a Wollen case?

What was defendant's objection to jury instruction 7 & 8?

What testimony did the court rely on in distinguishing this case from Wollen?

What happened in Tompkins?

What did the court say the parents in Tompkins could have recovered for?

Why wasn't Jacoby's testimony contradictory such as to support the defendant's claimed error?

How does this distinguish the case from Wollen?

What was the second point on appeal?

What testimony established the violation of standard of care?

Why was it insufficient on causation?

What testimony established the causation?


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