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Emergency Law

Hurricane Isaac - 2012

Florida Governor's Executive Order triggering emergency powers.

Florida DOH implementation of the order

Florida Emergency Powers Laws doc

South East Louisiana Evacuation Guide

New Hampshire Supreme Court upholds authority of fire department to order evacuations in floods - State v. Bernard, 2008 WL 4810025 (N.H. Nov 06, 2008)

Chadha v. Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, 865 A.2d 1163, 272 Conn. 776 (Conn. 2005) - Legislative granted immunity for peer review reporting reduced the common law absolute immunity.- while this is not an emergency case, it addresses the important issue of whether statutory immunity is preferable to common law immunity.

Court rules on emergency property title laws after the San Francisco fire - American Land Company v. Zeiss, 31 S. Ct. 200, 219 U.S. 47 (U.S. 1911)


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