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Disease Control

(see Vaccines / Police Power / Reporting and Testing)

Physician's duty to protect others from contaminated tissue samples. - Doe v. Smith --- N.Y.S.2d ----, 2000 WL 557362 (N.Y.Sup. 2000)

Aberrant decision equating tuberculosis quarantine with mental health commitment - City of Newark v. J.S., 279 N.J.Super. 178, 652 A.2d 265, 3 A.D. Cases 1834 (N.J.Super.Law Div. 1993)

Classic TB restriction case - In re Halko, 246 Cal. App. 2d 553, 54 Cal. Rptr. 661 (Cal.App.Dist.2 11-18-1966)

State May Exclude Persons From a Locale to Prevent the Spread of Disease - Compagnie Francaise de Navigation a Vapeur v. Board of Health of State of Louisiana, 186 U.S. 380 (1902)

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