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State Administrative Law

State Separation of Powers Cases

Legislative appointment of commissioners to an executive agency does not violate state separation of powers - Marine Forests Society v. California Coastal Commission, 113 P.3d 1062, 36 Cal.4th 1, 30 Cal.Rptr.3d 30 (Cal. 2005)

Do ALJs trump agencies? - Wooley v. State Farm Fire and Cas. Ins. Co., 893 So.2d 746 (La. 2005)

Who knows who the Louisiana Attorney General works for? - Louisiana v. Roemer, 949 F.2d 145 (5th Cir. 1991) - case settled before the LA SC answered the certified question.

Maine SC discusses authority of Attorney General - Superintendent of Ins. v. Attorney General, 558 A.2d 1197 (Me. 1989)

Minnesota Attorney General does not work for the governor - State ex. rel. Mattson v. Kiedrowski, 391 N.W.2d 777, 782 (Minn.1986)

California Attorney General works for the governor - People v. Brown, 29 Cal. 3d 150, 624 P.2d 1206, 172 Cal. Rptr. 478 (Cal. 1981)


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