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Guide to Buckley v. Valeo, 424 U.S. 1 (1976)

How many members on the commission that governs the FEC?

Does the commission have enforcement powers, i.e., to make and enforce rules?

What branch of government is charged with enforcement?

Who appoints the members?

What is the appointments clause of the constitution?

What are two types of appointments it recognizes?

Who may make appointments?

Why was Madison concerned that the government be divided into three separate branches?

What did Springer v. Philippine Islands hold about legislative appointments?

What are the "Ineligibility" and "Incompatibility" Clauses?

What are the limitations on the president's appointments?

What was the appeals court worried about as regards the possible effect of this decision on Congressional officers?

What does Humphrey's Executor tell us about the appointment of heads of independent agencies?

What does Myers v. United States tell us about the presidential appointments power?

What limits can Congress put on the appointment of independent agency commissioners?

What powers can the FEC exercise with these congressional appointees on board?

What about enforcement?


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