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Fraud and False Claims

Baptist Hospital Cases

These are a series of related cases that arose from a fraud prosecution in the Eastern District of Kansas.  The case involved bribes by Baptist Hospital, arranged by the hospital administrator, to a group of physicians who, in return, referred nursing home patients to the hospital.  The physicians controlled these referrals by controlling the medical director positions are a large number of nursing homes.

The hospital paid a $17,500,000 settlement and the physicians and administrator were convicted and sentenced to prison. These cases were affirmed on appeal to the 10th Circuit and the United States Supreme Court denied cert on 7 Jan 2002, Lahue v. U.S., --- S.Ct. ----, 2002 WL 13323 (U.S. Jan 07, 2002) (NO. 01-7087), Anderson v. U.S., --- S.Ct. ----, 2002 WL 13322, 70 USLW 3395 (U.S. Jan 07, 2002).

10th Circuit Affirms Fraud Conviction of Hospital Administrator - United States v. McClatchey, No. 99-3274 (10th Cir. 06-13-2000)

U.S. v. McClatchey, 160 F.Supp.2d 1254 (D.Kan. Aug 31, 2001)

United States of America v. Lahue, No. 98-3146 (10th Cir. 03-23-1999)

U.S. v. LaHue, 261 F.3d 993 (10th Cir.(Kan.) Aug 17, 2001)


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