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Fraud and False Claims

Guide to: Carpenter V. United States, 484 U.S. 19 (1987)

What are the violations?

What are Mail and Wire Fraud? (Study the quotes from the statute.)

What is the conspiracy law?

What is "Heard on the Street"?

Why is this column important?

What triggers the securities laws?

What was the scheme?

Did they tamper with the column?

How much money did they make?

How were they caught?

What was the underlying crime?

What brought this under the mail and wire fraud law?

What is the defense to mail and wire fraud?

What was at issue in McNally?

How was this applied to their defense?

How did the court distinguish McNally?

What were the key elements of the journal's property?

Is there specific law on news as confidential property?

Must there be a monetary loss?

Isn't this just a violation of workrules?

What is the definition of fraud?

Must there be a written rule prohibiting the conduct?

Was there a written rule in this case?

What does it take to satisfy the wire fraud statutes?

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