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NUMBER 7280.4

October 26, 1993

C, DoD

SUBJECT:  Commander in Chief's (CINC's) Initiative Fund (CIF)

 (a)  Section 166a of title 10, United States Code

(b)  DoD Directive 7280.4, subject as above, January 19, 1990 (hereby canceled)

(c)  Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandum, "Authority to Approve Request for Use of the CINC Initiative Fund (CIF)," April 19, 1993 (hereby canceled)

(d)  DoD 5025.1-M, "Department of Defense Directives System Procedures," December 1990


This Directive under reference (a) reissues reference (b) and supersedes reference (c) to update policy, responsibilities, and procedures for use of the CIF in accordance with applicable law.


This Directive applies to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Unified Commands.


In accordance with the procedures in section 5., below, and subject to the priorities and limitations of reference (a), it is DoD policy that the CIF may be used to fund the following types of activities:

3.1.  Force training.

3.2.  Contingencies.

3.3.  Selected operations

3.4.  Command and control.

3.5.  Joint exercises (including activities of participating foreign countries).

3.6.  Military education and training to military and related civilian personnel of foreign countries (including transportation, translation, and administrative expenses).

3.7.  Personnel expenses of defense personnel for bilateral or regional cooperation programs.


The Comptroller of the Department of Defense shall issue DoD Instructions, DoD publications, and one-time directive-type memoranda, consistent with DoD 5025.1-M (reference (d)), to implement this Directive.


A CINC of a Unified Command and the Commander of the U.S. Element North American Aerospace Defense Command may request funds from the CIF for an activity described in section 3. above.  The CINC shall submit such a request to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Additionally, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff may provide funds to an officer designated by him for initiatives involving an area or areas not within a CINC's area of responsibility.  Funds may not be obligated in support of the request until specific approval is granted by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who shall administer and manage CIF funds in accordance with this Directive.


This Directive is effective immediately.

Signed by: William J. Perry, Deputy Secretary of Defense