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NUMBER 5105.66

July 10, 2001

Certified Current as of November 21, 2003


SUBJECT:  Senior Executive Council (SEC)

References: (a)  Title 10, United States Code


Pursuant to the authority vested in the Secretary of Defense by Section 113 of title 10, U.S.C., this Directive establishes the Senior Executive Council (SEC), and assigns associated membership, functions, and administrative support responsibilities.


The SEC shall provide the Secretary of Defense counsel in the application of sound business practices in the Military Departments, DoD Agencies, and other DoD Components.  The SEC shall be the principal mechanism by which such practices are evaluated and proposals for improvement are developed and implemented.


3.1 The SEC shall be composed of the Secretary of Defense, who shall serve as its Chair; the Deputy Secretary of Defense; the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics; and the Secretaries of the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force.

3.2.  As determined by the Chair, other DoD Component heads shall participate, as appropriate, in deliberations and decisions of the SEC.

3.3.  Officials of other Departments and Agencies of the Executive Branch (including the Office of Management and Budget and the National Security Council) may be invited, as appropriate, to attend meetings of the SEC.


The SEC shall:

4.1.  Assist the Secretary of Defense in determining broad policy and implementing initiatives relating to the efficient organization and management of the Department of Defense and other matters as the Secretary deems appropriate.

4.2.  Identify opportunities to achieve improved efficiency and effectiveness in DoD operations through:

4.2.1.  Initiatives to improve DoD business practices.

4.2.2.  Competition of in-house products and services with private sector sources.

4.2.3.  Consolidation of managerial functions and activities of the Military Departments, Defense Agencies, DoD Field Activities, and other organizational entities within the Department of Defense.

4.3.  Monitor progress of the Military Departments, Defense Agencies, DoD Field Activities, and other DoD Components in implementing management improvements and other initiatives.

4.4.  Consult with members of the business and the academic communities to seek innovative methods to resolve management problems, reengineer business practices, and streamline operations.


5.1.  The SEC shall meet on the third Thursday of every month, or at the call of the Chair.

5.2.  The Executive Secretary of the SEC shall be selected by, and report to, the chair of the SEC, or his designee.

5.3.  The Executive Secretary of the SEC shall:

5.3.1.  Assemble and prepare material on matters under consideration for use by the Chair and members of the SEC and distribute them in a timely manner.

5.3.2.  Disseminate, to the members of the SEC, requirements for information and actions needed to support SEC deliberations.

5.3.3.  Disseminate, to appropriate DoD officials, results of SEC meetings, to include Secretary of Defense decisions.

5.3.4.  Monitor the progress of follow-on actions, provide status reports, and prepare DoD issuances or other appropriate administrative materials for consideration by the SEC.

5.3.5.  Prepare minutes of each meeting of the SEC.

5.3.6.  Maintain and safeguard records and ensure their appropriate disposition when they are no longer required.

5.4.  The General Counsel, DoD, shall provide legal counsel to the SEC, as required.

5.5.  The Director, Washington Headquarters Services, shall provide personnel resources and such other technical, administrative, and logistical support, as required by the SEC.


6.1.  This Directive is effective immediately.

6.2.  Nothing in this Directive limits or otherwise affects the authority, direction, and control of the Secretary of Defense over the Department of Defense, or the Defense Agency and DoD Field Activity oversight responsibilities of the Office of the Secretary of Defense officials required by Section 192 of 10 U.S.C.

6.3.  This Directive will be reviewed every 3 years for continued need and/or applicability.

Signed by: Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense