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TITLE:  AI 53, "Workforce Management", 06/26/2000

SUMMARY: Consistent with the authority provided to the Director, Administration and Management (DA&M, OSD) in DoD Directive 5105.53, "Director of Administration and Management (DA&M)," this Administrative Instruction reissues Administration Instruction No. 53, "Temporary Staff Augmentations, " June 24, 1996 (hereby canceled), to implement the provisions of DoD Directive 1000.17, "Detail of DoD Personnel to Duty Outside the Department of Defense," DoD Directive 1100.4, "Guidance for Manpower Programs," DoD Directive 1315.7, "Military Personnel Assignment," Administrative Instruction No. 2, "Employment of Experts and Consultants," and Administrative Instruction No. 23, "Personnel Security Program and Civilian Personnel Suitability Investigation Program" as they pertain to workforce management in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and other organizations subject to workforce controls administered by the DA&M, OSD.

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