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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 8110.1, "Multinational Information Sharing Networks Implementation," 02/06/2004

SUMMARY:   This Instruction:  1. Implements policy under DoD Directive 8100.1; establishes the Multinational Information Sharing (MNIS) Program within the Department of Defense; and designates the MNIS Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (MNIS CENTRIXS) as the DoD standard for multinational information sharing networks using the Global Information Grid (GIG).  2. Assigns responsibilities and provides procedures to standardize the means for connecting the DoD Components electronically to foreign nations on an Enterprise basis, and for allowing the secure, mutual exchange of operational and intelligence information in support of combined planning, a unity of effort, and decision superiority in multinational military operations.  3. Provides the guidance, framework, key principles, and interoperability processes for multinational information sharing networks, computing, information assurance, information management, and network management, to include their interoperability, that are part of the GIG.

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