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TITLE:  DoD 7000.3-G, "Preparation and Review of Selected Acquisition Reports", 05/1980

SUMMARY:  This guide provides uniform guidance fo rthe Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Military Departments, and the Defense Agencies (referred to as DoD Components) responsible for implementation of the provisions of DoD Instruction 7000.3.

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Front Matter (pdf (113 KB))
Chapter 1, (pdf (37 KB))
Chapter 2, (pdf (693 KB))
Chapter 3, (pdf (346 KB))
Chapter 4, (pdf (225 KB))
Appendix A, (pdf (772 KB))
Appendix B, (pdf (352 KB))


Change 1, (pdf (161 KB))

OPR:  USD(AT&L), 703-697-7261