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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 6205.2, "Immunization Requirements", 10/09/1986

SUMMARY: This Instruction addresses immunization policies for all members of the Armed Forces, civilian employees of the Department of Defense, and all eligible beneficiaries of the military health care system as established by DoD Directive 6136.1. It requires implementation of programs that minimize individual illness and disability, days lost from work, and impairment of operational capabilities from conditions that are preventable through immunization. Immunization requirements contained in this Instruction complement immunization, preventive medicine, and health promotion requirements listed in DODD 5136.1, DODI 6205.1, DODD 6420.1, DODD 6015.5, DODI 6040.33, DODD 5154.8, OMB Form No. 68-R1681, DODD 5000.19, ASD (Health Affairs) Memo "DoD Immunization and Infectious Disease Control Coordinating Committee," March 22, 1985; ASD (Health Affairs) Memo "Protection Against Hepatitis B Virus Infection," April 3, 1985 and implement the Public Health Service plans for attaining the immunization objectives for the nation.

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OPR:  ASD(HA), 703-697-2112