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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 5505.8, "Investigations of Sexual Misconduct by teh Defense Criminal Investigative Organizations and Other DoD Law Enforcement Organizations", 06/06/2000

SUMMARY: This Instruction reissues DoD instructions 5505.8, December 22, 1993 under the authority of DoD Directive 5106.1, march 14, 1983 and updates DoD policy regarding the initiation of criminal investigations into certain types of sexual misconduct, as defined in this Instruction. It. provides that, as a matter of investigative priorities and resource limitations, Defense Criminal Investigative Organizations (DCIOs) and other DoD law enforcement organization will normally refer allegations involving only adult private consensual sexual misconduct to the Service member's commander for appropriate disposition. To ensure their independence, objectivity, and effectiveness, however, DCIOs are authorized to initiate investigations into adult private consensual sexual misconduct without obtaining a referral from the member's commander; they may do so, however, only if the Director or Commander, or principal Deputy, of the DCIO determines that there is credible information that an offense has been committed and that the expenditure of investigative resources is appropriate.

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OPR:  IG, DOD, 703-604-8762