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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 5305.4, "Administrative Space Report, National Capital Region (NCR)", 02/15/1977

SUMMARY: This Instruction reissues DoD Instruction 5305.4, May4, 1966 to modify instructions on the preparation of key punched card submissions (enclosure 1), to reflect organizational and building changes (enclosures 2 and 3), and to expand the geographical area for reporting purposes. DoD Instruction 5305.4 and Report Control Symbol DD-A(Q)691 are hereby superseded and cancelled. This instruction also prescribes a uniform system for preparing and submitting space data necessary to (1) effect compliance with Office of Management and budget Circular A-60, July 18, 1963, Federal Property Management Regulations, general Services administration, and DoD Directive 5305.2, September 24, 1963; (2) reflect administrative space occupied by personnel included in reports made pursuant to references DoD Instruction 7730.1, March 14, 1975 and DoD instruction 7730.29, May 1, 1968; and (3) evaluate space utilization, as well as new space requirements, in the national Capital Region in conformance with the policy objectives of reference Executive Order 11512, February 27, 1970.

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