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TITLE:  DoD Instruction 5230.18, "DoD Foreign Disclosure and Technical Information System (FORDTIS)", 11/06/1984

SUMMARY: This Instruction reissues DoD Directive 5230.18, July 10, 1973; Updates policy, responsibilities, and procedures for the implementation of the Foreign Disclosure and Technical Information System (FORDTIS), DoD Directive 5000.19, March 12, 1976; Authorizes the publication of DoD Manual 5230.18-M, "Foreign disclosure and Technical Information System (FORDTIS) Users Manual," consistent with DoD Manual 5025.1-M, October 16, 1980. This manual describe procedures for data entry, accessing automated data bases, and obtaining reports form FRDTIS concerning Classified Military Information (CMI) cases, visits cases, accreditation cases, National Disclosure Policy Exception (NDPE) cases, Munitions cases, commodity Control List (CDL) cases and Coordinating committee (COCOM) cases.

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