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TITLE:  DoD Directive 5210.42, "Nuclear Weapon Personnel Reliability Program (PRP)", 01/08/2001

SUMMARY: This Directive: 1. Reissues reference (a) to update policy and responsibilities for the management of the DoD Nuclear Weapon PRP. 2. Ensures the highest possible standards of individual reliability for personnel performing duties associated with nuclear weapons and critical components. 3. Requires the selection and retention of only those personnel who are emotionally stable and physically capable, and who have demonstrated reliability and professional competence. Individuals who do not meet or maintain program standards shall not be selected for, or retained in, the PRP or assigned duties associated with nuclear weapons. 4. Authorizes the issuance of DoD 5210.42-R, "Nuclear Weapon Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Regulation," reference (b).

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