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TITLE:  DoD Directive 5200.8, "Security of DoD Installations and Resources", 04/25/1991

SUMMARY: This Directive reissues DoD Directive 5200.8, "Security of Military Installations and Resources, " July 29, 1980 (hereby canceled) and designates the military commanders of property or places under their commands, in accordance with Section Act of property or places under their command, in accordance with Section 797 or 501 U.S.C (Section 21 of the "Internal Security Act of 1950") (enclosure 1). Authorize the publication of DoD 5200.8-R, "Physical Security Program, " in accordance with reference DoD 5025.1-M, "DoD Directives System Procedures, " December 1990, authorized by DoD Directive 5025.1, December 23, 1988, to establish consistent minimum standards for the protection of DoD installations and resources. Replaces references DoD Instruction 5210.71, "Security of Selected Sensitive Inventory Items--Drugs, Abuse Items, and Precious Metals, " August 28, 1987 (hereby canceled) and DoD Directive 5210.73, "Security of DoD Communications facilities, " April 30, 1984 (hereby canceled), and incorporates necessary requirements of those DoD issuance into DoD 5200.8-R.

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