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TITLE:  DoD 5200.1-PH-1, "Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (SF-312)," 05/2000

SUMMARY:  This pamphlet provides guidance on the Standard Form (SF) 312, "Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement, and supersedes DoD 5200.1-PH-I, "Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (SF 312) Briefing Pamphlet," dated March 1989. It also accommodates a Secretary of Defense policy memorandum subject: Personal Attestation Upon Granting of Security Access," dated February 5, 1999 requiring every individual who is granted a Top Secret clearance or is granted access to a specially-controlled access category or compartment to make a verbal attestation affirming their commitment to conform to the conditions and responsibilities imposed by law or regulation upon those granted such clearance or access.

This pamphlet is authorized by DoD Directive 5200.l,"DOD Information Security Program," dated December 13, 1996 and includes a brief discussion of the background and purpose of the SF 312; the text of pertinent legislative and executive authorities; a series of questions and answers on implementation of the SF 312; a sample indoctrination required by paragraph 2 of the SF 312; and guidance for the conduct of verbal attestations.

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