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TITLE:  DoD 5200.1-PH, "DoD Guide to Marking Classified Documents," 04/1997

SUMMARY:  This Pamphlet is reissued under the authority of DoD Directive 5200.1, "Information Security Program," December 13, 1996.  It prescribes guidance through examples, on the markings for classified national security information.  It supersedes the 1982, 5200.1-PH guide.  Marking classified information serves several purposes in the Department of Defense.  It alerts holders to the presence of classified information, identifying the exact information or portion that needs protection; provides guidance for downgrading and declassification; gives the reason for the initial classification decision; and warns the holders of any special access, controls, or safeguarding requirements.  While we cannot anticipate every marking situation, this pamphlet provides the basic ground rules that apply to all classified information, regardless of the media used.  For specific situational needs, contact your agency's security officer for guidance.

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