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TITLE:  DoD Directive 5160.24, "Delegation of Powers to the Secretaries of the Military Departments to Make Determinations Under the Social Security Act and Federal Insurance Contributions Act", 04/04/1957

SUMMARY: The purpose of this directive is to reissue reference DoD Directive 1412.1, 14 Jan. 1952 with the necessary changes required by references Sec. 205(p), Social security Act, as added by sec. 108(c), Social Security Act Amendments of 1950 (64 State. 520), as amended (42 USC 405 (p) ); sec. 402(b) Servicemen's and Veterans' survivor Benefits ct, (P.l. 881, 84th Congress) and Sec. 3122 IRC 1954 as amended by sec. 411, P.L. 881, 84th Congress.

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